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New Silverplated Bach Trumpet W/case And Bach 7C Mouthpiece Bach Valve Oil Model TR710S

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List Price:$1298
Sale Price:$888.00

New Silverplated Bach Trumpet w/case and mouthpiece model TR710S

New silver plated Bach Prelude 

trumpet W/case and mouthpiece

TR710S Bb trumpet 

This combines a .459 medium-large bore 

With a silver plated red brass lead pipe 

New Bach Silver Plated Bb Trumpet w/case + Selmer trumpet care kit

New silver plated Bach Prelude 

trumpet W/case and mouthpiece

TR710S Bb trumpet 

This combines a .459 medium-large bore 

With a silver plated red brass lead pipe 

For durability and ease of tone production. 



Born Vincent Shrotenbach in Vienna in 1890, 

he initially received training on violin, but subsequently

 switched to trumpet when he heard its majestic sound.  


Although Vincent also displayed a strong aptitude for science 

and graduated with an engineering degree, he gave up a promising 

areer to pursue his first love and an uncertain future as a musician. 


 Performing under the stage name, Vincent Bach, 

he established musical success as he toured throughout Europe. 

World War I forced Vincent’s move to New York City where he arrived

 with only $5.00 in his pocket.  A letter to the famous conductor Karl Muck 

procured Vincent an audition and a resulting position with the Boston Symphony.  

By the following season, he was first trumpet in the Metropolitan Opera House.  


While on tour in Pittsburgh, Vincent’s mouthpiece was ruined by a repairman.  


Vincent had great difficulty in finding a suitable replacement.  

While on furloughs, he spent time in the basement 

of the Selmer Music store remodeling old mouthpieces.

In 1918, with the investment of $300 for a foot-operated lathe,

Vincent went into the business of making mouthpieces.  


The business grew rapidly and in 1924, the first Bach trumpets were produced.  



At the age of 71, Vincent sold his company. 

 Although he received twelve other offers,

 including some that were higher, 

Vincent chose to sell to the Selmer Company. 


In 1964, the tooling and machinery for Bach instrument

s was moved from Mount Vernon to their current home in Elkhart, Indiana. 


 Today, these instruments continue to embody the highest standards of 

craftsmanship and adhere to Vincent’s original designs and blueprints.



For durability and ease of tone production. 


Nickel-plated nickel silver pistons

 Provide smooth action while holding up well 

To the rigors of beginning band programs.

Features:  genuine Vincent Bach 7c mouthpiece 

 adjustable third slide finger ring  4-3/4 two-piece bell 

 two water keys silver plated finish 

 Bach valve oil  enclosed top-action valve springs 

 hard-shell case  first slide thumb hook

Comfortable hand position. 

Detachable, reinforced body to-bore design

 Enhances Screw Cap and ligature Position.


This has an amazing sound is and is

Priced at an extremely low price

For an extremely high quality instrument.

Has A more distinctive and crisper sound 

Which helps from the low sub tones 

To the high altissimo register.

Has extra bracing for more durability. 

Because of the construction body 

It has a very rich, dark sound 

That most jazz professionals like.


I am a music dealer and repairman.

All instruments are shop tested and adjusted 

To play perfectly before shipment.

it makes good sense to buy from people

 who service what they sell.

We service everything that we sell.

I have been playing sax, clarinet, and flute since 1951.

I have been repairing instruments since 1978.

My last major concert was for a host of pretty impressive guests, 

Including former 

President bill Clinton, 

when he was in Boston with 

Senator john Kerry for a 

fund-raising event for 

Senator ted Kennedy. 

I Played in the 22-piece John Payne saxophone 

choir at the park plaza castle. 

Security was so tight, 

The secret service did background checks 

On each musician And they had to leave their instruments 

at the door To be searched by white house staff.



Warranty information 

1. One year warranty from date of manufacture 

covers all key cracks, key soldering joints and 

if a key becomes detached from the instrument. 

2. One half-year warranty from date of manufacture 

covers plating and surface problems for electro golden plated, 

nickel plated and silver gilt products. 

This warranty covers significant color change, 

significant tarnishing or if rust appears or plating peels off. 

3. The warranty does not cover abuse 

by the user or exposure 

of the instrument by the customer 

to inappropriate chemicals, 

cleaning solvent or other environmental circumstances 

that may damage the instrument. 

4. General maintenance is not covered.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through paypal!

All instruments are shop tested and adjusted

To play perfectly before shipment.

it makes good sense to buy from people who service what they sell.


We service everything that we sell. 


Always committed to serving the needs of students,

 music educators, amateurs, 



and professionals,


Selmer has grown steadily over the years, 

becoming the industry leader recognized 

for craftsmanship and quality. 


Our story is both unique and fascinating. 

The Selmer family traces its roots 

back to the 18th century rural Lorraine

 region of France with Johannes Jacobus Zelmer.


Enlisting in the French army provided a means 

of moving families from the country to the city.


For three generations Zelmer men served in the 

same regiment, while the boys,

 too young to be soldiers, 

played in the band. Jean-Jacques Selmer

 (son of Johannes Jacobus), 

in addition to changing the spelling

 of the family name, ascended to the

 rank of drum major.


 The military afforded great 

opportunities for education and travel.


When Charles-Frederic Selmer

 (son of Jean-Jacques) died in 1878 

he left sixteen children,

five surviving to adulthood. 

Of these, Henri and Alexandre graduated 

from the Paris conservatory as accomplished 

clarinetists. Henri went on to perform in

the famed Garde Republicaine band and the Opera Comique.


By the early 1900s Henri had opened shop 

at Place Dancourt in Paris to meet the demand 

for his handmade reeds and mouthpieces. 

Soon repair work and customizing led 

to the manufacturing of clarinets.


From 1895 to 1910, Alexandre Selmer 

served as principal clarinetist with the 

Boston Symphony Orchestra, 

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, 

and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. 

At the turn of the century, a small 

retail store was opened in New York City 

for selling the family wares. Selmer clarinets 

prospered after winning a gold medal at the 

Saint Louis exposition of the 1904 Worlds Fair. 


In 1918 Alexandre returned to Paris to assist Henri 

in their growing family business,

 leaving an employee, George Bundy, 

the rights to distribute Selmer products in the United States.

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