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Sonare TRB-801S Series Bb Trumpet List Price $2950 High-performance Trumpet With A Rich, Warm, Focus

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List Price:2950
Sale Price:$1859.00
Sonare TRB-801S Series Bb Trumpet List Price $2950 high-performance trumpet with a rich, warm, focused and balanced tone, Valve Adjustable. * Materials: * Leadpipe: brass * Pistons: Monel * Springs: bronze * Finish: raw (TRB-801V), lacquer (TRB-801), silver plate (TRB-801S), and silver plate with gold trim (TRB-801G) * Design features: * Leadpipe; Blackburn * Bell: hand hammered * Bell diameter: 4.782", 12.15cm) * Bore size: .459", (1.17cm) * Mouthpiece: 3C * Valves: MicroLok * Cryogenic treatment: yes * Case: traditional * Country of origin: * Leadpipe: USA * Trumpet: USA Sonare TRB-801 Series Bb Trumpet In TRB-801 series, Sonarandeacute; has partnered with world famous leadpipe designer, Cliff Blackburn, to bring you a trumpet with color, flexibility, and projection. These horns are fitted with Sonarandeacute;'s MicroLok valve system for perfect valve alignment. Other features include a .459" bore, and a 4.78" hand-hammered bell designed for optimum projection. The TRB-801 models also receive the Sonarandeacute; cryogenic treatment that enhances the response of the instrument, especially in the upper register and offers enhanced tonal colors to the trumpet. The results of these features are free-blowing instruments, appropriate for both classical and jazz, with impeccable intonation and response. Available in the following finishes: raw (TRB-801V), lacquer (TRB-801), silver plate (TRB-801S), and silver plate with gold trim (TRB-801G). Comes complete with a case and a 3C mouthpiece. Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees! Media/Manuals Similar Items Customer Reviews Write your own review and share your insight with other customers! Price Guarantee Seen a lower price for the Sonare TRB-801 Series Bb Trumpet? Fill out this form and we'll BEAT IT*. Color/Option: Price You Found: (US Currency) Quantity Required: Where did you find this price? Any additional comments First Name Last Name Email * Price guarantee valid on all new in-stock merchandise sold by an authorized U.S. Dealer. Guarantee does not apply to discontinued, blemished, damaged, closeout, open box, refurbished or auction items. You will be contacted via email shortly after submission of request. * Sonare Trumpets The Sonarandeacute; is that trumpet with a big, dark, controllable sound, good intonation, a unique valve system and impeccable fit and finish. "For years trumpet players have been buying Bachs and Yamahas off of the shelf and then modifying them with Blackburn leadpipes, cryogenic treatments, valve alignments, and all sorts of other treatments. Now players can skip all of that and buy a Sonarandeacute; with the same "modifications" already built into the horn. Brilliant!" Dr. Adam W. Gaines Professor of Trumpet University of WisconsinGreen Bay Cliff Blackburn Beginning in 2011, Sonarandeacute; trumpets are built in Elkhart, Indiana by the E.K. Blessing company, with a leadpipe and mouthpiece designed and manufactured especially for this instrument, by noted designer Cliff Blackburn. Blackburn, regarded by many players as the pre- eminent maker of handcrafted trumpets in the USA, is especially well known for his leadpipes, which are normally sold as an after-market item. Meticulous attention is focused on the size and shape of the tapers. The result is a free-blowing trumpet appropriate for both classical and jazz, with impeccable intonation and response. "The horn allows me to play with a very focused sound. A lot of credit for this goes to the Blackburn leadpipe. The tone quality is unified throughout the range of the horn." David Ferguson Trumpet Professor Indiana University of Pennsylvania Valve Alignment At Sonarandeacute;, we understand that one of the most notorious problems affecting trumpets is valve alignment. Our solution to that problem is exclusive. Sonarandeacute;'s MicroLokand#8482 valve system (patent pending), co- invented by Cliff Blackburn and Steven Wasser of Powell Flutes, revolutionizes valve alignment. During the production process, a custom-made tool sets the piston into its perfect radial and vertical alignment position. A set screw is then tightened to lock the adjustable valve guide and secure the Monel piston into place. While this adjustment is permanent, MicroLok allows the alignment to be easily reset at any time by a trained technician, without soldering. Valves can be easily cleaned and oiled without disturbing the alignment. "Due to the patent-pending adjustable valve guide, all notes respond equally; notes slot in easily and with terrific centre all the way down through the valve combinations. The Sonare trumpet plays like the trumpet you have always wanted, build quality is exceptional. The Sonare trumpet is a joy to play, and a joy to listen to." Iain Muirhead Former Principal Trumpet Scottish Opera, Scottish National Orchestra Co-founder of The Wallace Collection (brass mutes and mouthpieces) Cryogenic treatment Cryogenic treatment is an after-market service often sought by professional players - at a cost of more than one hundred dollars! The deep-freeze treatment relieves stress in the metal that normally occurs during the making of a trumpet. The benefits of cryogenics for the player are a broader spectrum of colors and enhanced response, especially in the high register. Sonarandeacute; is the only maker of trumpets that offers cryogenic processing standard on their new instruments. "The rich, warm, focused and balanced tone on the Sonare trumpets allows me to freely express myself as an artist. I have used the 800 series in every musical situation possible and the horn just keeps asking for more, Bravo Sonare!!!" Seelan Manickam, Trumpet, Bala Brass Each Sonarandeacute; trumpet is carefully inspected and play tested before it leaves the factory by professional musicians. "I was amazed by the Sonarandeacute; trumpet. Just when I thought a trumpet was a trumpet was a trumpet, along came Powell with a new balance of all the qualities I look for in an instrument - a fresh tool with which to navigate the mysteries of the musical imagination. John Wallace, Principal Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama Lew Soloff"At my first big band gig with the Sonarandeacute;, a friend with ears I trust the most said that when I play that shiny horn (Sonarandeacute; 800L), you can't listen to anything else!" Lew Soloff, Solo Trumpet (former Blood, Sweat and Tears)