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‘Paganini of the tuba’
Holton builds on its low brass legacy with the ‘Paganini of the tuba’
Anyone who knows Harvey Phillips knows of the man’s drive for excellence in all pursuits, from performing, to teaching to managing the activities his Harvey Phillips Foundation Inc. from his Indiana-based TubaRanch. So it was no surprise that when Leblanc/Holton collaborated with Phillips in 1995 on his namesake instrument, the results were no less than spectacular.
Foremost, Phillips wanted to create a CC tuba that would be ideal for young beginners as well as advancing students and professionals. For this purpose, it was agreed that a three-quarter-size instrument would be built, based on a Holton design from 1911. This allowed a tighter wrap with a more easily reached valve pack.
Working on the first tuba created entirely using engineering software, Holton technicians were able to reproduce their intended designs more accurately than ever before possible. The result was a tuba ideal for the majority of the world’s tuba repertoire, from orchestra to jazz ensemble.
Featuring the sought-after American taper design, the instrument produces an air column that exits the valve section through a perfectly smooth and uninterrupted path all the way to the bell, resulting in an incredibly pure CC tuba. By popular demand, a BBb Phillips tuba was produced soon after the introduction of the CC model.
Harvey Phillips says of his instrument, “The Holton TU330CC tuba gives players immediate response with a subtle resistance that allows flexibility and control of every tone. Players are able to apply personal nuance to every music discipline and utilize their full range from low to high.”

This article was made possible by G leblanc.