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Young sax players, even pros, will appreciate the quality and value of Vito
Leblanc’s goal has always been to produce musical instruments of the highest possible quality, and the Vito student-model saxophones are no exception. Always committed to the special needs of young and beginning musicians, Leblanc devotes full attention to the design, construction and quality-testing of its Vito saxophones. This is why every Vito model 7131R alto saxophone can be considered the highest quality saxophone available at its price point.
Assembled by seasoned craftsmen, the 7131R is acoustically and mechanically correct, permitting younger or amateur players the fullest expression of their developing art. The 7131R has features that are normally found only on professional instruments and is rugged enough to stand up to the daily rigors of student use. While its keywork is comfortable for young hands, it is advanced and responsive enough to satisfy the demands of the experienced pro.
Like all Vito saxophones shipped from our Kenosha factory, the 7131R is built to meet the most rigid requirements for quality construction, key fit and finish, adjustment, accurate intonation and ease of play. It is easy to blow and produces precise, balanced intonation, superior tone and excellent response together with long-lasting durability. Yet it is priced affordable enough for students, school music departments or even professional saxophonists wishing to add to their instrument arsenals.
Leblanc knows that without the barriers imposed by instruments with inferior construction and weak playing characteristics, practicing and playing becomes pleasurable— and performance follows. That is why thousands of musicians are proud to say they play—or learned to play on—a Vito saxophone.