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Yanagisawa combines bronze construction with unparalleled keywork
Since Leblanc became its exclusive North American distributor in 1985, Yanagisawa has demonstrated its dedication to perfecting the saxophone by regularly introducing new models, each with important improvements to sound and construction.
In 1992, Yanagisawa unveiled the “Silver Series” saxophones, with bodies made of solid sterling silver, affording saxophonists unprecedented power and flexibility of tone. In 1998, their entire artist line benefitted from improvements in tone-hole placement, bore taper and keywork modifications.
Yanagisawa added yet another color to its palette in 1999 when it introduced the 902 Bronze Series, with neckpipes, bodies and bells constructed of their namesake alloy. Bronze contains more copper than does yellow brass, giving not only a darker coloration to the instrument’s appearance, but an added warmth and richness of tonal color not found in regular brass. A short time later, the 992 models were introduced, built of bronze but with all the keywork improvements found on Yanagisawa’s top-line saxophones.
The A992 Bronze Series alto saxophone model provides this unmistakable and much sought-after timbre along with the unparalleled keywork quality for which the Yanagisawa name has become synonymous. Many players have, in fact, likened the sound of the A992 to that of their favorite vintage horns while greatly appreciating Yanagisawa’s superior playability and construction.
Aside from the Bronze Series alto’s obvious appeal as a solo instrument, jazz players are also delighted to find that the A992’s tone blends effortlessly with the saxophone section. Classical saxophone players will find this model to be of particularly great interest for the very same reason.
Key: Eb
Range: Low Bb to high F#
Neckpipe: Lacquered brass
Body: Lacquered brass
Bell: Lacquered brass, hand-
Mechanism: High F-sharp, distinctive
octave key, “sway-free” F-auxiliary and low C-sharp mechanism, contoured independent palm keys, double-action table keys, rib-mounted upper and lower stack posts, double-armed low B and C
Mouthpiece: Yanagisawa Y-3704-5 steel ebonite
Case: Deluxe wood-shell