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Ludwig L8264, Stainless Steel Drum Zep Set,List Price $10,195.00

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List Price:$10,195.00
Sale Price:$8988.00

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Ludwig L8264, Stainless Steel Drum Zep Set,List price $10,195.00 Bonham, modeled on the great man\'s last ever kit, this limited edition setup is a Holy Grail, much-discussed on internet forums and spied in pictures of Bonzo on stage in the late \'70s. Manufactured by master drum builder Ron Dunnett, the foundation is a 26\"x14\" bass drum, on which is mounted a huge 14\"x12\" tom. Floor toms, of 16\"x16\" and 18\"x16\" dimensions, complete the kit. The fatness of the sound it delivers is just what you\'d hope for from a kit so closely associated with one of rock\'s beefiest drummers, and the slight edginess that the steel shells contribute simply serves to make the kit articulate. The kick drum moves so much air that playing it is an exceptionally involving physical experience, but it actually proves very easy to play with speed and subtlety. The head responds quickly and it doesn\'t take a massive right foot to get it working. You\'ll arguably get the fullest response from the drum when all its elements are stirred into action, but even working it at seven-tenths, it produces a fabulously booming retort.