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New Selmer AS42 Henri Selmer Paris Neck Selmer Paris Mouthpiece Alto Saxophone

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New Selmer AS42 Henri Selmer Paris neck Selmer Paris mouthpiece alto saxophone.

The Selmer AS42 is a first ever collaboration between Henri Selmer Paris and Selmer USA on an entry-level professional saxophone. Featuring a genuine Henri Selmer Paris neck custom designed for this horn, along with the exclusive AM42 Selmer Paris mouthpiece made especially for this saxophone, the AS42 is a very responsive saxophone that plays remarkably well in classical and jazz situations. Complemented with a BAM case and featuring a beautiful hand engraved pattern, the AS42 is as beautiful to look at as it is to play. Blue steel springs insure a quick response while the fully ribbed construction and metal resonators guarantee a wide dynamic range and exceptional projection. The AS42 is the only saxophone in its price range that can boast an authentic Henri Selmer Paris neck and mouthpiece!

The model AS42 combines the great features



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of an upgraded engraving pattern drawing on the recognizable French
fleur-de-lis, an upgraded Trek Bam Case, and the option of either lacquer or black lacquer finish.
This saxophone also includes ribbed construction, blue steel springs and an enhanced acoustic
design that gives the low register of the instrument a more balanced intonation.
The model AS42 alto saxophone will be released with an MSRP of $3,925. 00
Since the inception of the saxophone, the Henri Selmer Paris brand has become the most
recognized name in professional instruments. As the North American distributor and the
owner of the Selmer name in the USA, Conn-Selmer has established an equally strong market
position in student and intermediate instruments. This collaboration will draw the two companiesandr
brands together in performance and value for price packages that cannot be offered by any other manufacturer.

Welcome to Conn-Selmer, the leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments and accessories.
The current company includes a portfolio of individual companies or brands that represent innovation,
entrepreneurship, and a focus on musical excellence. The Selmer Company,
which was comprised of brands such as Vincent Bach, Selmer, Emerson, Ludwig, Musser, and
Glaesel was a leader in American craftsmanship with operations based out of Elkhart, Indiana.

In 1995, Selmer took ownership in the Steinway Piano Company to create base of legendary brands
focused on the highest quality and reputation for musical performance and artistry.
In 1998, the Selmer Company and Steinway Musical became a publicly traded company
on the New York Stock Exchange

In 2002, the Selmer Company merged with United Musical Instruments
to form Conn-Selmer. Like the Selmer Company, United Musical Instruments
was built from brand legacies such as C.G. Conn, King, Benge, Armstrong, Artley,
and Scherl andamp; Roth. In 2005, the Conn-Selmer Company acquired the G.Leblanc Corporation.
This brought another family of brand names such as Leblanc, Vito, Holton, Martin, and Yanagisawa
into the largest US full-line manufacturer of band and orchestra instruments. In 2013,
Conn-Selmer and Steinway changed from public companies to private ones when Paulson andamp; Co became the new owner.

As the industry has evolved, Conn-Selmer has been focused on two fundamental bases
for each of these brands. The focus on US manufacturing and the highest quality standards
associated with this position can be seen in instruments produced in Elkhart, Indiana,
Cleveland, Ohio, Eastlake, Ohio, Monroe North Carolina, and LaGrange, Illinois.
An unwavering support for music education and advocacy for the arts can be seen
through leadership by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and the Conn-Selmer Division of Education.

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