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New Selmer Super Action 80-style Copy Alto Sax List $2,998.00 Made By JZ Music

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List Price:2,998.00
Sale Price:$598.00

The new Gold Brass JZ Music alto sax 


These impressive saxophones are the first

In a redefinition of the saxophone offering 

by JZ Music which also makes the famous DC PRO SERIES

And offer features typically found on professional saxophones. 


The neck has been designed for incredibly consistent pitch

 Throughout both the lower and upper registers.


 The feel of the key work is closer to the body Of the saxophone

 and compliments hands of all sizes 

And is very similar to the Selmer Super Action 80 alto sax.


IT IS NOT A Selmer Super Action 80 alto sax.

IT IS  A JZ Music

But it is a very similar style and a good copy of 

the Selmer Super Action 80 alto sax.


 JZ Music is my own brand

that I designed myself
and had made for me,
with my specs..

 The construction of yellow brass

 is designed For a richer sound

 with a ring to it.


 It is fully ribbed for durability, 

But the rib placement is such that the

 Saxophones vibrate incredibly well. 


The most impressive fact

 about these instruments Is their affordability. 

Priced to compete directly with other saxophones,

 The JZ Music  line offers an increased

 standard Of performance not usually seen at this level.

with Selmer USA care kit


this sax has an amazing sound

 is and is priced at an extremely 

low price for

 An extremely high quality instrument.

The retail price 

on this saxophone 



many people ask me how can it be so good 
at such a low price. 
New Selmer Super Action 80-style alto sax 
MSRP: $2,988.00
The reason is Because I contracted
 with the factory to buy $50,000.00
 worth of merchandise At a time. 
They give me a low price for such a large volume order
 and I pass That savings on to my customers.
This is an intermediate,
 step up, 
advanced sax.
 It is not a student model 
or A professional model.
with hard hard shell case
Warranty information
1. One year warranty
 from date of manufacture
 covers all key cracks, key soldering Joints 
and if a key becomes detached from the instrument.
2. One half-year warranty 
from date of manufacture
 covers plating and surface
 Problems for electro 
golden plated, nickel plated and silver gilt products. 
This warranty covers significant color change, 
significant tarnishing or if Rust
 appears or plating peels off.
3. The warranty does not cover abuse by the user
 or exposure of the instrument
 By the customer to
 inappropriate chemicals,
 cleaning solvent or other
 environmental Circumstances 
that may damage the instrument.
4. General maintenance is not covered.


has high f# key
Has laser engraved bell
Gold Brass JZ Music
 signature series pro model
Annealed body for broad, dark sound.
Eb alto saxophone
Always committed to serving the needs of students,
 music educators, amateurs, And professionals, 
Gold Brass JZ Music
Signature series II saxophones
 have grown steadily Over the years,
 becoming the industry leader 
recognized for craftsmanship and Quality.


fully annealed standard yellow brass
Has excellent intonation and response,
 extra wide bow for full sound and easy 
Emission of low notes.
 Full ribs quick response.
 Features comfortable Key inlays made of imitation
 mother of pearl, high quality leather pads with 
Metal resonators, thumb rest left-right adjustable,
 easy to play mechanism for The left and right little fingers.
 Has extra bracing, rugged key guards, superior 
Springs for better key action, bow support for added protection.


has extra support on bottom for more durability
Has full ribbed construction for greater strength. 
The full ribbed construction Helps keep alignment
 of pads and keys for more accurate intonation.
Has tear drop front f key so that players can easily
 go from b to High f in one easy and fast motion.
The neck, body and bell are annealed to enhance the 
sound making it a very rich, Sweet, mellow tone.
 It is annealed to improve the sound even more 
because the Annealing process takes out the
 internal stress of the metal.
 (it removes discontinuities 
In the metals crystalline structure. 
This is how the internal stresses are Removed.)
 this process of annealing the metal makes 
the horn resonate much more Freely, 
because it takes out the internal stress of the metal. 
The process consists Of heating the metal and
 cooling it down very slowly. 
The result is a more
 distinctive And crisper sound which helps
 from the low subtones to the high altissimo register.


has extra bracing for more durability. 


Because of the full ribbed construction Body

 it has a very rich, dark sound that most jazz professionals like. 


The result Is a more distinctive and crisper sound 

which helps from the low subtones to The high altissimo register.


treated kid leather pads with metal resonators for great projection.
Comes with
 Selmer USA care kit


I am a music dealer and repairman.


all instruments are shop tested

 and adjusted to play perfectly before shipment.


it makes good sense to buy from people who service what they sell.
We service everything that we sell.


Gold Brass JZ Music
a total new product now manufactured
 to speed student progress,
 thrill academics, and establish word of mouth
(Company Portfolio)
What exactly is in a name? 
The band apparatus large grocery stores remnants 
careful of new names accompanying them 
(usually justifiably) 
with poor-quality instruments which
 crumble with quite typical school 
environment usage 
and because of an absence
 of spare parts or mushy 
delicate brass resist efforts to fix them 
Band controllers and boutiques have 
been side stepping the inconveniences 
resulting from such far lower goods
 by recommending with few exclusions 
 makers they understand and entrust
But one new name for sale
 is not actually new in the least 
As a matter of fact 
the Gold Brass JZ Music
 now belongs to among the most known
 and trustworthy men within the enterprise
Gold Brass JZ Music
The industry's
 proclivity for suspicion 
make purchasers give 
more severe consideration
JZ Music
 Musical Instruments introduced the 
Gold Brass JZ Music
 brand in Jan. 1998
The row contains flutes, piccolo, soprano clarinet,
soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, cornet, trumpet, trombone, 
French horn, baritone, and tuba 
All of its instruments were designed with 
input from a number
 of veteran musicians.
Gold Brass JZ Music
worked closely with bosses and specialists at 
two ISO certified plants in China to fine
the many queues 
One factory focuses on brasswinds
 the other in woodwinds
American Chinese business enterprise 
 handled manually 
for decades  had been in enterprise 
 wed with a spectacle of making a row of high
value instruments for American learners 
the firm assisted 
 two producers
able of transmitting product that
meet the standards
and the Western markets 
It also supplied professional 
highly skillful engineers to ascertain 
specifications that were faithfully noticed
Whilst alert to the chance that 
Gold Brass JZ Music instruments 
may firstly be linked with the 
stereotype of Asian made horns  
Gold Brass JZ Music
is confident which discriminating eyes 
are going to compare 
goods very favorably 
Oriental producers are forming
 better instruments this era
than years ago but the majority of them
 still establish for the 
Oriental large  stores 
Subsequently with some guidance 
they will preemptively advance 
in this region but the majority of them 
are production
oriented and have minor tolerance for detail
As a result of the American markets preconceptions 
about Asian made horns 
whilst many dealers doors are open
Gold Brass JZ Music
 horns are made in China 
for the American dealerships 
and have been journeying and are watchful about stuffs 
namely key stiffness and apparatus longevity
Those sorts of concerns are determined
 by some bad experiences 
 heard about 
We are attempting to put across which 
Gold Brass JZ Music
 instruments are distinct
Many of alert cognitive state goes in generating them 
Our decorators are  professional players
who truly figure out what to search for 
simply by intonation and tonal virtue 
and even dynamics 
and longevity performance 
And exponentially the 
Source Multinational engineers work within the plants 
to initiate random process alters 
and to ascertain homogeneous virtue control 
Particularly instruments made 
for the rental large  stores
call for nice longevity 
Gold Brass JZ Music
understands the problems 
of coming into the already 
jam packed band apparatus 
large grocery stores 
As well as that to offering virtue 
instruments at a stylish price
the key aim of supplying goods
which may be incorporated into retailers 
complicated promoting combine 
Doing this efficiently creates massive amount
of probabilities
for leasing and retailing 
to compete against used instruments 
17 years
 within the music goods enterprise 
have given Gold Brass JZ Music
an oddly long wide ranging stand point on the industry 
This would clarify  reasoned reaction to uncertainties
inclined to bring about alarm among less seasoned people 
Commenting on of the school music segments 
existing hot
button issues  declares Mass
marketers coming into a strong point promoting sector
really love band instruments
are going to complicate the overall public's
comprehension of
 virtue and cost 
And pragmatically everybody knows about shopping on eBay 
at present so we could expect which perceptions 
to have an effect on band instruments just as well 
The jury still is out as to no matter if mass promoters 
are going to stay alive in band instruments 
or lastly should refuge from inside the part even
though they remain in other apparatus classifications 
Struggling with this may call for a reality research
for almost everybody attempting to do the correct part 
of supplying a virtue product for a fair price
Equally as a longtime advocate of music schooling 
we are keenly knowledgeable of the results of this costing revolution 
on the ancient role of the college music broker 
but pragmatic about its implications and prone to action 
School music dealerships who service band tutors 
notice that their costs  pays method of travel
and healthcare are going up he declares 
Financial gain grades should be insistent 
and met for this custom to continue 
Music tutors need this service 
and the tie amidst the trainer
and the college music broker
 have to keep on being bolstered
to preserve the crucial need
Logically this may not be simple with today's open public forming 
low prices their precedence 
Kept on schooling of tutors and moms and dads
in this region could at the minimum support
School music dealerships would like a product 
that is homogeneous 
plays well and in song and has rigid backup
in portions serve up he declares 
They also have to understand their sector is secured 
so they could incorporate our row 
within their promoting combine 
By working together with them as partners 
in these places 
Gold Brass JZ Music may help them get the 
margin greenbacks
they ought to persevere and 
grow their enterprise


 JZ Music is my own brand

that I designed myself
and had made for me,
with my specs..
I learned flute making
while working for
William S. Haynes flute company
in Boston.
They make flutes that start
at $8,500.00
My job was to solder the tone holes on these flutes...
Which was a very critical job
and had to be perfect
to assure perfect intonation.
I was very fortunate
to have first hand experience 
in flute making
while working there.
So I decided to make my own flutes,
saxophones, clarinets, trumpets,
french horns and trombones.
Dominic S. Cucinotti
This item is in stock now and ready to be 
shipped immediately
after you place your order.
Thank you,
978 745 5255
Many people ask me how can it be so good 
at such a low price?
The reason is Because I contracted
 with the factory to buy $50,000.00
 worth of merchandise At a time. 
They give me a low price for such a large volume order
 and I pass That savings on to my customers.
We have all heard the saying
"It sounds too good to be true"
I get calls all the time from people asking me that.
Why is the price so low for such a high quality instrument?
There are 3 reasons for that.
1. I buy discontinued stock at a very low price.
It is called "new old stock"
because it has never been sold.
That is why there is no information on the net.
2. I buy large quantity from my suppliers.
I have to buy everything they have of one
model to get the lowest price.
3. I will be retiring and closing the store 7-1-2015.
So you can Take advantage of our clearance items.
I pay low prices and pass the savings to my customers.
So don't lose out because once it is gone 
there are none left.