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New Saxophone DC Pro Selmer Paris Super 80 Copy Alto Sax List Price $2,998.00

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List Price:2895
Sale Price:$588.00

New saxophone student series by French engineer alto sax with mouthpiece Gold lacquer body, neck and bell with gold lacquer keys Has excellent intonation and response, Extra wide bow for full sound and easy emission of low notes, high f# key. Five year factory warranty for all parts and labor. Warranty includes plating wear and any factory defects for five years. Instrument will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you during the five year period. The five year warranty starts the day you receive your instrument.

DC Pro is my own brand 
that I designed myself
and had made for me,
with my specs..
I learned flute making
while working for
William S. Haynes flute company
in Boston.

They make flutes that start at $8,500.00

My job was to solder the tone holes on these flutes...

Which was a very critical job
and had to be perfect
to assure perfect intonation.

I was very fortunate
to have first hand experience in flute making
while working there.

So I decided to make my own flutes,
saxophones, clarinets, trumpets,
french horns and trombones.


Dominic S. Cucinotti
508 932 3211 • dominicsax@gmail.com
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508 932 3211 • dominicsax@gmail.com

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