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New Selmer Alto Sax Artist Ltda1lq/Selmer USA Mouthpiece List Price:$4,988.00

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List Price:$4,988.00
Sale Price:$1988.00

This Selmer sax is one level above the La Voix model because it has the double arms on low B and low C keys
which the La Voix model does not have.
This Selmer sax is one level above the La Voix model because it has the adjustment screws on low F, E and D keys as well as middle B and A keys for quick and easy adjustments on the fly without having to go to the repair shop for adjustments
which the La Voix model does not have.

The selmer artist ltd is all horn and no hype.

The artist ltd line of selmer saxophones was launched at The national Association of music merchants And received rave reviews.

These impressive saxophones are the first In a redefinition of the saxophone offering by selmer And offer features typically found on professional saxophones.

The neck has been designed for incredibly consistent pitch Throughout both the lower and upper registers.

The feel of the key work is closer to the body Of the saxophone and compliments hands of all sizes.

The construction of yellow brass is Fully ribbed for durability, But the rib placement is such that the Saxophones vibrate incredibly well.

The most impressive fact about these instruments Is their affordability.

Priced to compete directly with other saxophones, The artist ltd line offers an increased standard Of performance not usually seen at this level.

Rich gold lacquer With double arms On low C and B keys

Has rich gold lacquer body Large bell for easy emission of low notes Adjustment screws for low F, E, and D keys.

Adjustment screws for middle B, and A keys. Has full rib construction for extra durability And dampening unwanted vibrations

Has blue steel springs For the best and fastest action Has Double arms on low C and B keys Has blue steel springs

Double arms on low C and B keys For better pad seal Highly engraved bell Adjustment screws for low F, E, and D keys Adjustment screws for middle B, and A keys. Less trips to the repairman Has high F# key Selmer Paris C* mouthpiece

5 year - 100% parts and labor Factory warranty Selmer USA mouthpiece. * key of Eb * high F# key * ultra bell design * red brass construction * reinforced table arch * lacquer finish 

  • Has rich red brass body,
  • Large bell for easy emission of low notes
  • Has full rib construction for extra durability And dampening unwanted vibrations Has
  • blue steel springs for the best and fastest action
  • Professional alto saxophone Has a rich sound all its own thanks to a unique bore design.
  • Hand-engraved bell,
  • Adjustable right-hand thumb rest.
  • Selmer delivers the warm, Traditional selmer Paris sound That musicians the world over have embraced.
  • Full rib construction for the left- and right-hand section posts Results in added strength and durability,
  • As well as a dampening of unwanted vibration and response.
  • Metal tone boosters brighten the overall sound and create bold projection.
  • Selmer series of saxophones is built to selmer vintage specifications.
  • This alto saxophone is designed To provide more flexibility in tonality and color and to bridge The price point between the
  • Paris instruments and the Student instruments with a quality pro sax. Manufactured to satisfy the requirements and versatility of a professional,
  • It is designed to capture the
  • vintage sound and feel of the earlier,
  • Most popular selmer saxophones.
  • This alto is in a price range all by itself. Nothing can touch the quality and features of this fine instrument.
  • It comes standard with red brass body, for a richer warmer sound
  • Adjustable brass thumb rest, Contoured finger buttons and deluxe case.
  • Stainless steel rods, screws, and springs Special engraved bell
  • Clear lacquer finish If you have any questions please call me at
  • 508 932 3211
  • We service everything that we sell.
  • https://youtu.be/oxZtirKjzcE

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  • History
    Welcome to Conn-Selmer, the leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments and accessories.
    The current company includes a portfolio of individual companies or brands that represent innovation,
    entrepreneurship, and a focus on musical excellence. The Selmer Company,
    which was comprised of brands such as Vincent Bach, Selmer, Emerson, Ludwig, Musser, and
    Glaesel was a leader in American craftsmanship with operations based out of Elkhart, Indiana.

    In 1995, Selmer took ownership in the Steinway Piano Company to create base of legendary brands
    focused on the highest quality and reputation for musical performance and artistry.
    In 1998, the Selmer Company and Steinway Musical became a publicly traded company
    on the New York Stock Exchange

    In 2002, the Selmer Company merged with United Musical Instruments
    to form Conn-Selmer. Like the Selmer Company, United Musical Instruments
    was built from brand legacies such as C.G. Conn, King, Benge, Armstrong, Artley,
    and Scherl andamp; Roth. In 2005, the Conn-Selmer Company acquired the G.Leblanc Corporation.
    This brought another family of brand names such as Leblanc, Vito, Holton, Martin, and Yanagisawa
    into the largest US full-line manufacturer of band and orchestra instruments. In 2013,
    Conn-Selmer and Steinway changed from public companies to private ones when Paulson andamp; Co became the new owner.

    As the industry has evolved, Conn-Selmer has been focused on two fundamental bases
    for each of these brands. The focus on US manufacturing and the highest quality standards
    associated with this position can be seen in instruments produced in Elkhart, Indiana,
    Cleveland, Ohio, Eastlake, Ohio, Monroe North Carolina, and LaGrange, Illinois.
    An unwavering support for music education and advocacy for the arts can be seen
    through leadership by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and the Conn-Selmer Division of Education.

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