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NEW LA Sax Semi-Curved Saxello Soprano Saxophone With 2 Necks L.A. Sax Big Lip "X" Soprano Saxophon

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List Price:$3,799.00
Sale Price:$2298.00

NEW LA Sax Semi-Curved Saxello Soprano Saxophone with 2 Necks

  L.A. Sax Big Lip "X" Soprano Saxophone - Saxello 

The NEW LA Sax Semi-Curved Saxello Soprano features beautiful engraving on the bell and keys. The semi-curved bell produces a warm, round, darker sound with greater response. Gold-plated for added warmth, High F# key, Mother of Pearl finger buttons, 2 necks straight and curved, deluxe case and mouthpiece.


  • High F#
  • Mother of pearl finger button
  • Two necks for personal fit
  • engraving on bell and keys
  • Comes complete with case, mouthpeice, ligature, and cap. Also includes care kit.

  • Nobody Does Altos and Tenors
    Like L.A. Sax

    The L.A. Sax Alto and Tenor have become the new standard in outstanding professional saxophones.
    Jay Beckenstein (of Spyro Gyra), and smooth jazz star Kim Waters agree with thousands of other great
    saxophonists all over the world.

    Raw, classic, subtle, boisterous, free-blowing,
    has all of the characteristics, plus Italian Kid Leather pads
    with exclusive Copper Tone Boosters, steel springs, Mother-of-Pearl inlays,
    detachable bell/bow section, full ribbed construction,
    High F# and front F,
    and adjustable brass thumb hook.

    Artists like Jay Beckenstein (Spyro Gyra),
    Kim Waters, Jim Nelson and more use the proline
    L.A. Sax instruments on tour, on the gig, and in the studio.

    L.A. Sax has manufactured quality and distinctive saxophones for over 40 years.
    Age is one thing...but to have the loyal following L.A. Sax has garnered is another.
    What makes L.A. Sax remarkable is the number of saxophonists who make their living playing these horns.
    Not only do these instruments play like a dream,
    but each one is meticulously crafted to have a distinctive appearance.
    2-neck soprano, alto and tenor saxophones are featured in unique finishes.
    Each instrument is fitted with Italian leather pads, brass resonators and strong ribbed construction.
    MSRP: NEW LA Sax Semi-Curved Saxello Soprano Saxophone with 2 Necks MSRP: $1,995.00

  • \
    Joe Lovano

    Kim Waters

    Kim Waters is one of Smooth Jazz Music's favorite stars. The curved soprano has never sounded so good as when it is in Kim's capable hands.

    Kim's soprano of choice has long been the
    LA-660. Now we offer the LA-665KW - Kim Water's Signature Curved Soprano.

    In a classic Diamond White Metallic finish with Kim's signature and scroll engraving on the bell, Kim's horn is smashing to look at and even better to play.

    The horn comes with an LA Sax Mouthpiece and the sound of a smooth jazz instruments legend.

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