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Black And Gold Selmer Tenor Sax LAVOIX II STS280RB List Price $3807

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List Price:$3807
Sale Price:$2859.00

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Selmer tenor sax LAVOIX II STS280RB Black nickel body andamp; goldplated keys

list price for sax is $3807

Professional alto saxophone has a rich sound all its own thanks to a unique bore design.

artist limited series

bb, high f# key, hand-engraved bell, adjustable right-hand thumb rest. Selmer includes a case with the LAVOIX II STS280RB professional saxophone. delivers the warm, Traditional Selmer Paris sound that musicians the world over have embraced. Full rib construction for the left- and right-hand section posts results in added strength and durability, As well as a dampening of unwanted vibration and response. Metal tone boosters brighten the overall sound and create bold projection.

Black nickel body with
gold lacquered keys
hand-engraved bell
adjustable right-hand thumb rest

Selmer LaVoix II Saxophones The Selmer LaVoix II story is about sound. Your sound. Express yourself through a voice based on the great Selmer tradition. Selmer LaVoix II saxophones are fun to play because they sound great, respond even better, and play in tune. Period. No sonic stones, no huge bells, no zebra finishes. These saxophones are all horn - no hype. These new soprano, alto, tenor and baritone models are capturing the interest of todays upcoming artists and delivering a modern French sound at an exceptional price. These new instruments incorporate the features, resulting in instruments that are lighter in weight and deliver all the performance demanded by todays top players. The acoustic response of Selmer LaVoix II saxophones is quick and fluid through all registers and the neck is specially designed with slight resistance. This combination provides for superior response, and teachers also prefer it for embouchure and air stream development. Key design is compact with professional spring tension for quicker facility. Other features include a traditional bell flare, high F# (G on soprano), mini-rib construction (except soprano), multiple adjusting screws, and treated leather pads. The instruments feature Selmer USA mouthpieces that help to create an even tone, excellent response and steady intonation. New lighter weight cases thoroughly protect the instruments and offer excellent storage capacity. Standard finish for alto and tenor is clear lacquer on yellow brass. Optional finishes include copper brass, black nickel plate with lacquer keys, and bright silver plate. The soprano and baritone models feature clear lacquer over rose brass, adding a warmer timbre always appreciated on the soprano and respected on the baritone. All models feature fine engraving on their bodies and bells. All instruments are shop tested And adjusted to play perfectly before shipment.

" the price point Between the Paris instruments and the Student instruments with a quality pro sax. Manufactured to satisfy the requirements and versatility of a professional, It is designed to capture the vintage sound and feel of the earlier, most popular Selmer saxophones.

The new LAVOIX II STS280RB is in a price range all by itself. Nothing can touch the quality and features of this fine instrument. The LAVOIX II STS280RBg comes standard with black nickel body, Adjustable brass thumb rest,

Also includes the 5 year limited warranty at no extra cost.


  • adjustable contoured brass thumb rest
  • kid pads with metal resonators
  • stainless steel rods, screws, and springs
  • special engraved bell

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Always committed to serving the needs of students, music educators, amateurs, and professionals,

Selmer has grown steadily over the years, becoming the industry leader recognized for craftsmanship and quality.

Our story is both unique and fascinating. The Selmer family traces its roots back to the 18th century rural Lorraine region of France with Johannes Jacobus Zelmer.

Enlisting in the French army provided a means of moving families from the country to the city.

For three generations Zelmer men served in the same regiment, while the boys, too young to be soldiers, played in the band. Jean-Jacques Selmer (son of Johannes Jacobus), in addition to changing the spelling of the family name, ascended to the rank of drum major. The military afforded great opportunities for education and travel.

When Charles-Frederic Selmer (son of Jean-Jacques) died in 1878 he left sixteen children, five surviving to adulthood. Of these, Henri and Alexandre graduated from the Paris conservatory as accomplished clarinetists. Henri went on to perform in the famed Garde Republicaine band and the Opera Comique.

By the early 1900s Henri had opened shop at Place Dancourt in Paris to meet the demand for his handmade reeds and mouthpieces. Soon repair work and customizing led to the manufacturing of clarinets.

From 1895 to 1910, Alexandre Selmer served as principal clarinetist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. At the turn of the century, a small retail store was opened in New York City for selling the family wares. Selmer clarinets prospered after winning a gold medal at the Saint Louis exposition of the 1904 Worlds Fair.

In 1918 Alexandre returned to Paris to assist Henri in their growing family business, leaving an employee, George Bundy, the rights to distribute Selmer products in the United States.

Welcome to Conn-Selmer, the leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments and accessories.
The current company includes a portfolio of individual companies or brands that represent innovation,
entrepreneurship, and a focus on musical excellence. The Selmer Company,
which was comprised of brands such as Vincent Bach, Selmer, Emerson, Ludwig, Musser, and
Glaesel was a leader in American craftsmanship with operations based out of Elkhart, Indiana.

In 1995, Selmer took ownership in the Steinway Piano Company to create base of legendary brands
focused on the highest quality and reputation for musical performance and artistry.
In 1998, the Selmer Company and Steinway Musical became a publicly traded company
on the New York Stock Exchange

In 2002, the Selmer Company merged with United Musical Instruments
to form Conn-Selmer. Like the Selmer Company, United Musical Instruments
was built from brand legacies such as C.G. Conn, King, Benge, Armstrong, Artley,
and Scherl andamp; Roth. In 2005, the Conn-Selmer Company acquired the G.Leblanc Corporation.
This brought another family of brand names such as Leblanc, Vito, Holton, Martin, and Yanagisawa
into the largest US full-line manufacturer of band and orchestra instruments. In 2013,
Conn-Selmer and Steinway changed from public companies to private ones when Paulson andamp; Co became the new owner.

As the industry has evolved, Conn-Selmer has been focused on two fundamental bases
for each of these brands. The focus on US manufacturing and the highest quality standards
associated with this position can be seen in instruments produced in Elkhart, Indiana,
Cleveland, Ohio, Eastlake, Ohio, Monroe North Carolina, and LaGrange, Illinois.
An unwavering support for music education and advocacy for the arts can be seen
through leadership by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and the Conn-Selmer Division of Education.


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