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NEW Black And Gold Engraved Tenor Saxophone Yanagisawa B 991 Copy Made By JZ Music

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JZ Music Black And Gold Engraved  Tenor Saxophone WITH HARD SHELL CASE,

The JZ Music Bb tenor saxophone model Is all horn and no hype. The JZ Music  Bb tenor saxophone model Line of saxophones was launched at The national Association of music merchants And received rave reviews. These impressive saxophones are the first In a redefinition of the saxophone offering by Dc pro Bb tenor saxophone model And offer features typically found on professional saxophones. The neck has been designed for incredibly consistent pitch Throughout both the lower and upper registers. The feel of the key work is closer to the body Of the saxophone and compliments hands of all sizes. The construction of yellow brass is Fully ribbed for durability, But the rib placement is such that the Saxophones vibrate incredibly well. Complete with selmer USA mouthpiece Hard shell case. The most impressive fact about these instruments Is their affordability. Priced to compete directly with other saxophones, The line offers an increased standard Of performance not usually seen at this level. * 1 year warranty * 100% satisfaction guaranteed. All instruments are shop-tested And adjusted to play perfectly Before shipment. * any instrument can be returned * for full value * as a trade in * or on consignment for resale * provided it is in the original condition.

JZ Music is my own brand 
that I designed myself
and had made for me,
with my specs..
I learned flute making
while working for
William S. Haynes flute company
in Boston.

They make flutes that start at $8,500.00

My job was to solder the tone holes on these flutes...

Which was a very critical job
and had to be perfect
to assure perfect intonation.

I was very fortunate
to have first hand experience in flute making
while working there.

So I decided to make my own flutes,
saxophones, clarinets, trumpets,
french horns and trombones.


Dominic S. Cucinotti
 508 932 3211 • dominicsax@gmail.com
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 508 932 3211 • dominicsax@gmail.com

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 508 932 3211 • dominicsax@gmail.com