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New Silver And Gold DC Pro Open Hole Flute SERIES III With Selmer Flute Care Kit

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List Price:$2,389.00
Sale Price:$948.00

Brand new silver plated and gold plated dc pro series ii open hole flute with low b foot.

Split e and engraved lip plate, deluxe model.

24k gold plated keys, lip plate and crown, with offset g key.

Has drawn and rolled tone holes for a better pad seal.

Comes with case and cleaning rod. Has deep, dark, rich tone. Good quality flute. Has high quality yellow double skin pads only used on the most expensive hand made flutes for long lasting durability and maximum sound quality.

Silver plated instruments such as this one produce a rich mellow tone.

This is because the silver plate bonds to the brass, expanding and contracting at the same ratio and produces a richer and more full sound.

I have been playing the flute professionally for 35 years. My most memorable gig was for former president Clinton at a fund raiser for senator Kennedy in Boston with the john Payne band of Brookline, mass. I have been repairing flutes for almost 23 years. When i played this flute, i could not put it down. I like it better than any flute that i have ever played in this price range, including the major brands that cost 3 times as much. It has a huge sound, a more even timbre, the altissimo and sub tones are very easy to sound, and yet the tone is warm and full bodied.

Has deep, dark, rich tone.

Comes with 5 year factory warranty.

These flutes are stronger yet lighter, crafted using modern methods yet maintain a traditional appearance, and the key action feels comparable to a hand built model yet it remains competitively priced.

I am a factory-authorized dealer and repairman.

All instruments are shop-tested and adjusted to play perfectly before shipment.

If you are not sure about buying this item now, why not try our monthly rent to own plan. Please call 978-745-5255 for more information.

Dc pro is my own brand that I designed myself and had made for me, with my specs..

I learned flute making while working for William S. Haynes flute company in Boston.

They make flutes that start at $8,500.00

My job was to solder the tone holes on these flutes...

Which was a very critical job and had to be perfect to assure perfect intonation.

I was very fortunate to have first hand experience in flute making while working there.

So I decided to make my own flutes, saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, french horns and trombones.