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New Silver Head DC PRO JZ (jazz)Series Open Hole Flute With Gold Plated Lip And Selmer Flute Care Ki

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List Price:$2,998.00
Sale Price:$1988.00

New Silver Head DC PRO JZ (jazz)Series open hole flute with gold plated lip and Selmer flute care WITH low B foot joint

New DC PRO sterling head open hole flute
with Selmer flute care kit

508 932 3211 • dominicsax@gmail.com

Dc pro Haynes model flute

This is not a Haynes flute
It is a dc pro flute
The Haynes model style
The head joint is hand cut in the Powell
Flute style

Solid silver head
With silver plated body

List price $2,998.00
Dealer cost $1,261.00

* splitE key,
* offsetG key

* and pointed arms

* 1-year factory warranty
*hard case  * cleaning rod

1 year warranty
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

*DC PROis my own brand that I designed myself
* and had made for me, with my specs..

I learned flute making
While working for
William s. Haynes flute company
In Boston.
They make flutes that start at $8,500.00
My job was to solder the tone holes
On these flutes...

* which was a very critical job
* and had to be perfect
* to assure perfect intonation.

*I was very fortunate to have first hand experience
* in flute making while working there.
* the head joint is hand made in the style of
* Verne q. Powell flute company

So I decided to make my own
Open hole flute

* with an affordable price

* since there was such a need for it
* in Todays market

All instruments
Are shop-tested and adjusted
To play perfectly
Before shipment.


 508 932 3211 • dominicsax@gmail.com