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NEW Gemeinhardt 3OSB-NG1 Flute Offset G Low B Foot Solid Silver List Price $2,479.00

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List Price:$2,479.00
Sale Price:$1679.00


NEW Gemeinhardt 
3OSB flute 
w/offset G, 
low B foot 
Solid Silver 
list price $2,479.00
 with offset G,
low B foot

New Gemeinhardt 

 With Offset G key open Hole Flute

* Solid Silver  head 

* Solid Silver  body and foot  

New Shaped Lip NG1

Sterling Silver Head,

sterling silver body,

"B" foot,

and silver plated new style open hole keys,

hidden adjusting screws,

felt on tails and new stylish case and cover

* French style open holes

Product Description

Durably constructed of the finest materials,

 Gemeinhardt flutes feature integrally drawn

 and rolled tone holes, power-coined keys,

 and their exclusive four post footjoint 

construction which make these flutes exceptionally strong.


 Other features include Gemeinhardts unique embouchure hole design,

 proportioned tone holes and pad cups to ensure even response

 and extraordinary tone throughout all registers. 


In addition, a gizmo key (high C facilitator)

 is standard on every B foot model flute. 

Gemeinhardt flutes also feature superior key mechanisms 

for fast action and outstanding playability.

Flutist, Teacher, Artist
First Prize Winner in the
Laurence Beauregard Competition and winner
of the 2009 YouTube Symphony 
Dr. Nina Perlove is one of

the most listened to classical 

flutists of

her generation with over

7 million views to her online video

performances and tutorials 



Perloves mesmerizing performances,

inspiring teaching, and remarkable

ability to distribute her art in a

meaningful way over the internet


are transforming classical music

and reinvigorating audiences on 

every continent.

Reviewers have called her a 

worldwide phenomenon,

and she has been featured on

the Oprah Winfrey Show, 

and in the Wall Street Journal, 

Washington Post and other major 



Her ground breaking website


has earned a loyal following and

combines her dynamic video performances

and teaching with musical commentary and research.

Nina recommends Gemeinhardt and


flutes to students of every level.

As a Clinician for Gemeinhardt

we partner to support her endeavors

to educate and support 

flute players.

The model 3OSB flute with a B foot joint

offers the specifications many teachers recommend

for a student ready to purchase their first step-up flute.

With open tone holes, referred to as a

French key mechanism, and a B foot joint,

the model 


 flute is one of the most popular


step-up flutes offered today.

The B foot joint creates a longer tube

 allowing a greater resonance in the flute,

as well as providing advancing flutists opportunities

to utilize alternate fingerings for greater facility in the upper register.

Known and trusted for acoustic and mechanical excellence,

Gemeinhardt student flutes

have become the preference of more educators

than any other flute in the world.

A choice you'll understand once you play any one

of these remarkable instruments.

Constructed for durability,

Gemeinhardt flutes provide years of outstanding performance

with a minimum of maintenance.

Young players benefit from Gemeinhardt's sure, even response.

And Gemeinhardt flutes offer beginning players

exceptionally reliable intonation with minimal effort.

The Gemeinhardt 3OSB Features:

  • French Key Mechanism (Open Hole)
  • Offset G Key
  • Low B FootJoint
  • Solid Silver Finish
  • Y-arm mechanism
  • French Style Case
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