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New DC Pro Silver + Gold Open Hole Flute,silver Plated Lip Inline G With Selmer Flute Care Kit

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List Price:$2290.00
Sale Price:$1448.00

New DC Pro silver + gold open hole flute,silver plated lip inline g with Selmer flute care kit
Dc pro Deluxe series II Open-hole Flute List price $2290.00.Dealer cost $945.00 *
Deep, dark, rich tone ** INLINE g key * Low b foot * 24k gold-plated lip, crown, and keys
* Silver-plated head foot joint and body * Drawn and rolled tone holes for a better pad seal
* High-quality yellow double-skin pads only used on the most expensive hand-made flutes
* Pointed arms * Case and cleaning rod included
* 5-year warranty I have designed it myself and it is made for me with my specs.

Dc pro is my own brand that i designed myself And had made for me, with my specs.
I learned flute-making while working for William s. Haynes flute company in boston.
They make flutes that start at $8,500. My job was to solder the tone holes on these flutes,
Which was a very critical job and had to be perfect to guarantee perfect intonation.
I was very fortunate to have first-hand experience in flute-making while working there.
So i decided to make my own open-hole flute Since there was such a need for a low-cost
Open-hole flute on the market. I have been playing the flute professionally for 35 years.
* My most memorable gig was for former * President Clinton at a fund raiser for * Senator Kennedy in Boston with the
* John Payne band of Brookline, mass. * * I have been repairing flutes for almost 23 years. * When I played this flute,
I could not put it down. * I like it better than any flute that i have ever played * In this price range,
including the major brands that cost 3 times as much. * It has a huge sound, a more even timbre, *
The altissimo and sub tones are very easy to sound, * And yet the tone is warm and full bodied.



Dominic S. Cucinotti
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