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New Black Nickel And Gold Dc Pro Open Hole Flute With Pointed Arms

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List Price:2598.00
Sale Price:$260.00

New black nickel andgold dc pro open hole flute With pointed arms And offset g key * the dc pro Scale is standard on all dc pro flutes, * and acclaimed by leading teachers And artists worldwide, * the dc pro scale represents the ultimate in technology in the Highly skilled art of flute making. * tone hole sizes and location are proportioned correctly * on the flute body and * foot joint tubing, * thus assuring that the instrument is in tune with itself. * further, careful design of the important embouchure plate hole, * riser configuration and head joint taper insures that the head joint is compatible with * the tone hole placement on the flute body and foot joint. * consequently, with dc pro flutes, the player does not needlessly waste time * embouchure correcting the traditional out of tune notes * so commonly found on many * other flutes being offered in today's marketplace. Features Open hole Low b foot joint offset g key French style flute. * with pointed -arms * designed to meet the demands of the serious musician. Forged keys, * Adjusting screws, tight tolerances And superb padding plus the colorful, projecting personality. List $1,995.00 Dealer cost $900.63 *** Dc pro flutes are durably constructed Of the finest materials And include features like integrally-drawn and rolled tone holes, And power-coined keys which make them exceptionally strong. They also feature proportioned tone holes And pad cups to ensure even response and extraordinary tone. Dc pro flutes are also fitted with superior key mechanisms For fast action And outstanding playability. Key of c. This instrument Sounds and plays like a dream, Having a deep, dark, rich tone. Durably constructed of the finest materials, It is made to provide years of outstanding performance With a minimum of maintenance. Comes complete with case and cleaning rod. All instruments are shop tested And adjusted to play perfectly before shipment. it makes good sense to buy from people who service what they sell. We service everything that we sell. * dc pro limited warranty: The workmanship is superior in every way. * the purchaser of this instrument * and all subsequent owners may be Assured that faults due to defective or imperfect * workmanship will be corrected at no cost * when the flute is returned to the factory. does not apply to normal wear of corks and pads * Or deterioration of * Plating from perspiration acids. Dc pro shall be the sole determiner of defective workmanship. Pay me securely with any major credit card through paypal! Any instrument can be returned within 7 days From the time you receive your instrument For a store credit towards any other instrument. We will replace any defective instrument at no cost.

Dc pro is my own brand 
that I designed myself
and had made for me,
with my specs..
I learned flute making
while working for
William S. Haynes flute company
in Boston.

They make flutes that start at $8,500.00

My job was to solder the tone holes on these flutes...

Which was a very critical job
and had to be perfect
to assure perfect intonation.

I was very fortunate
to have first hand experience in flute making
while working there.

So I decided to make my own flutes,
saxophones, clarinets, trumpets,
french horns and trombones.


Dominic S. Cucinotti