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New X/P Series Antigua FL1410B Open Hole Flute W/Selmer KIT

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Sale Price:$288.00

X/P Series Antigua FL1410B Open Hole flute W/Selmer KIT New Antigua Vosi * Silver-Plated Headjoint, Body, and Footjoint * Open-hole Keys * Offset G Key * Split E Mechanism * Power Forged Keys * Drawn and Rolled Tone Holes * Head Joint With Precision Cut * Embouchure Hole * Ribbed Construction * 600 Denier Fabric Covered Case * Antigua 1 Year Limited Warranty(U.S.A. Only) Model FL1410 (AX320S) WITH LOW "B" FOOT JOINT X/P Series C Flute - Open Hole The X/P Series Antigua FL1410 flute is a good choice for beginners, recreational players or anyone seeking a great value. The X/P Series is proof positive that you can enjoy the great benefits of playing music without sacrificing your hard earned dollars. Explore the wonderful rewards of music with the X/P Series. T he former model number of the FL1410 was AX320S From flutes and clarinets, trumpets and trombones and our superb line of saxophones, Antigua instruments can endure the rigors of the educational market while displaying the refinement found in more expensive models. Sought after by performing artists worldwide, our instruments continue to withstand the test of time. artists: Micole Kaar For the second year in a row, Mikole Kaar demonstrated several wood wind instruments primarily playing the Antigua A590-BC PRO Soprano Saxophone, and the PRO Power Bell alto and tenor, A521-BCGK and A551-BCGK instruments in the Antigua Winds booth at NAMM 2006. He really enjoys the playability and the dark sound emanating from the black chrome finished Antigua PRO horns. Mikole is a great jazz musician in the tradition of Sonny Rollins and Stan Getz" Paul Hanson, Jazz Bassoonist, Bela Fleck Band. Born in New York City, Mikole began studying the clarinet at age 9. He attended California State University, Northridge, and the Dick Grove School of Music, while cramming in private lessons with Warren Marsh, Don Menza, and Charlie Shoemake. Mikole departed his jazz roots in the 70s to play with the Drifters, The Coasters, Ink Spots, Platters, Al Wilson, The Temptations and even did a date or two with Joe Cocker. After playing jazz and touring in Europe in 1985, he released several albums which include Back to the Heart", Victory in the Morning", A Fifth of Midnight", and most recently Six Horn Strut". His clarinet days have evolved to include an array of horns, including tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, and bassoon. He uses all of his instruments to express his unique voice. Formerly president of the San Diego Jazz Artists Guild, Mikole currently resides in southern California. Steve Clarke Steve Clarke, recipient of 5 Minnesota Music Awards for Horn Player of the Year", recently played the new Limited Edition PRO Power Bell Tenor A551-LTD at the NAMM 2006 show. You (Antigua Winds) have a very nice tenor. I was impressed with the sound, feel and playability of the horn I tried out - a Limited Edition Antigua PRO Power Bell Tenor; and was even able to hit a double high "A" (above high "F"). Steve plays tenor, soprano, baritone, flute and alto flute and has appeared on about 50 recordings and continues to add more recordings, commercials and jingles. Steve and his band called "The Working Stiffs", www.workingstiffs.org, have received 2 Minnesota Music Awards with 4 nominations in their 3 year history. SPLIT "E" KEY Selmer flute care kit