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New Armstrong Model 204 Silver Plated Piccolo With Case And Selmer Care Kit

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List Price:$1,190.00
Sale Price:$688.00

Armstrong model 204 piccolo

all silver plated, excellent for band orchestra.

New Armstrong model 204 silver plated piccolo with case and Selmer care kit

features: silver plated headjoint and body, cylindrical bore, silver plated keys, hardshell case. Five-year plating warranty, lifetime key warranty.


Armstrong, a name associated with high quality flutes and piccolos for almost 70 years.

that's because william t. Armstrong, who founded the business, built flutes and piccolos for musicians who demanded nothing less than the best.

whether you're a professional player or a school-aged flutist, Armstrong has a flute and piccolo for you.

comes with one year factory warranty

I am a music dealer and repairman. Any instrument can be returned for full value as a trade in or on consignment for resale provided it is in the original condition.

all instruments are shop tested and adjusted to play perfectly before shipment.

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Welcome to Conn-Selmer, the leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments and accessories.

The current company includes a portfolio of individual companies or brands that represent innovation,

entrepreneurship, and a focus on musical excellence. The Selmer Company,

which was comprised of brands such as Vincent Bach, Selmer, Emerson, Ludwig, Musser, and

Glaesel was a leader in American craftsmanship with operations based out of Elkhart, Indiana.

In 1995, Selmer took ownership in the Steinway Piano Company to create base of legendary brands

focused on the highest quality and reputation for musical performance and artistry.

In 1998, the Selmer Company and Steinway Musical became a publicly traded company

on the New York Stock Exchange

In 2002, the Selmer Company merged with United Musical Instruments

to form Conn-Selmer. Like the Selmer Company, United Musical Instruments

was built from brand legacies such as C.G. Conn, King, Benge, Armstrong, Artley,

and Scherl Roth. In 2005, the Conn-Selmer Company acquired the G.Leblanc Corporation.

This brought another family of brand names such as Leblanc, Vito, Holton, Martin, and Yanagisawa

into the largest US full-line manufacturer of band and orchestra instruments. In 2013,

Conn-Selmer and Steinway changed from public companies to private ones when Paulson Co became the new owner.

As the industry has evolved, Conn-Selmer has been focused on two fundamental bases

for each of these brands. The focus on US manufacturing and the highest quality standards

associated with this position can be seen in instruments produced in Elkhart, Indiana,

Cleveland, Ohio, Eastlake, Ohio, Monroe North Carolina, and LaGrange, Illinois.

An unwavering support for music education and advocacy for the arts can be seen

through leadership by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and the Conn-Selmer Division of Education.

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